Appliance Repair Follows in Father’s Footsteps

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A local appliance service technician from Callahan’s Appliance believes consumers deserve honest answers to commonly asked questions. Owner John Callahan has more than 20 years in the appliance repair business where he follows in his father’s footsteps upholding the family tradition of honesty and reliability as a home service provider.

Callahan began working with his father when he was only 12 years old and as soon as he got his driver’s license at the age of 16 he began handling appliance service calls. After working 20 years in the business he and his family moved to North Dallas where they opened their own appliance repair business which is thriving as one of the most recommended providers in the area.

Callahan credits his success to his friendly service technicians who communicate effectively with customers answering all their questions and concerns no matter how trivial they might sound. Putting the customer at ease while developing a positive relationship is vital to anyone working in the home service industry.

One service technician with Callahan’s Appliance recalls a customer who questioned the accuracy of the estimate presented for appliance repair. First of all they were impressed with the value then minutes later began to worry that the service technician would find another problem that was not apparent at the time of diagnosis.

Callahan explained that in the event a secondary problem is discovered once the primary problem is addressed then it will be repaired for the price of parts only. If it is a very difficult repair then a nominal charge may apply.

Callahan’s appliance repair technicians are certified licensed and insured factory trained and present themselves in a professional manner always showing up on time in a clearly marked vehicle fully stocked with appliance parts so they can provide same day service in most cases.

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