Business: The Importance of Signs

When you operate a business, be it small or large, one consideration would be how you will use signage for your business. An attractive and creative sign helps your business to stand out and bring people into your establishment. If people do not see your sign then they do not know you are there. How many times have you driven by somewhere and said to yourself, “Hey, I didn’t know that was there.” What did you see to know they were there? Their sign.

Here are some things to consider for your signs.

Types of Signs

You have ground mounted signs, building-mounted signs, road signs, marquees, billboards, video signs, and more. You need to figure out where you need signs and what each needs to look like. What types of signs best fit your budget?

Sign Content

Since people reading your sign only have a split seconds you need to know what to post on the signs. Phone numbers for road and billboard signs don’t make since as they are too hard to remember, but a website might work. Signs are part of your marketing strategy and work ever when you aren’t around. Do you include the name, logo, website, slogan/motto, etc.?

Sign Functions

Signs work as part of your sales and marketing team. Exterior signs draw customers into the establishment and interior signs help push sales and specials.

Audience Benefits

Signs can reach large audiences for a onetime fee. For most signs it is not an ongoing costs if the sign is cared for and maintained. According to a full half of new customers come from visible signs and 33% come from word of mouth. Since most of your customers likely live a short distance from their home they may see your signs 60 times a month.

If you need help figuring out what sign works best to grow your business and get your message out that connects there are sign companies like Fast Signs. They help from design to installation and on your way to building a profitable business.

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