Centennial Pianist Wins National Contest

Jason Zhu of Frisco took first place in piano competition at the MNTA (Music Teachers National Association) Junior Piano Competition held in Las Vegas in March.

Zhu advanced to the national competition after winning thee MTNA Junior Piano Competition U.S. South-Central Division. He won First Place at the MTNA Texas state competition in November and advanced to the U.S. South-Central Division where he also won. He was one of only seven students across the nation to enter the National Final Round.

Zhu is the son of Yangyang Zhu and Meimei Wu. He is a freshman at Centennial High School. He has been studying piano for 7 years and is currently a student of Dr. Alex McDonald and Marcy McDonald.

The MNTA Junior Piano Competition was held Saturday, March 21, 2015, during the MTNA National Conference. As a winner, Zhu received a cash prize $1,000 and performed in a Winners Concert during the conference.

Music Teachers National Association is a nonprofit organization comprised of 22,000 independent and collegiate music teachers committed to advancing the value of music study and music making to society and to supporting the professionalism of music teachers. Founded in 1876, Music Teachers National Association is the oldest professional music association in the United States.

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