Children’s Author Aims to Make Kids Feel Validated

From the Where is Pidge Facebook

Last Wednesday, author Michelle Staubach Grimes took the day to visit three Frisco elementary schools to read her new children’s book, “Where is Pidge?,” to first through third graders. While visiting Anderson, Curtsinger and Elliott Elementary Schools she also spoke about what it takes to be an author.

According to Grimes the story of Pidge is personal and while fictional draw from her own life.

Pidge, like Grimes, is from a large family and she begins to feel as if she’s unwanted and unloved. Pidge decides to run away and ends up going on an adventure that leads to her learning a lot about herself and realizing that her family loves her very much.

Grimes believes children need that validation of love and appreciation even when adults might not understand.

“Where is Pidge?” is meant to help kids understand their feelings and parents recognize what their child may be going through.

Grimes not only reads to the kids, but also does other activities to help the follow and remember the story.

The official launch date of the book is March 23, and is currently available on Amazon for pre-order.

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