Cowboy’s HQ reaches halfway

Cowboys HQ and Frisco MUEC

About eleven months after ‘officially’ breaking ground, construction on the new World Headquarters of the Dallas Cowboys and Frisco’s Multi-Use Special Event Center (MUEC) has reached the halfway point of completion. Representatives from the City of Frisco, the Frisco Independent School District and the Dallas Cowboys marked the milestone by observing installation of roof trusses over the 12,000 seat indoor multipurpose event center. Despite record rains earlier this year, Manhattan Construction Company, construction manager, reports both projects remain on schedule and are expected to open by fall 2016.

“The construction team has done a remarkable job keeping the project on schedule,” said
Dr. Jeremy Lyon. “Our partnership with the City and the Cowboys continues to grow and thrive. We have something here that will serve as a model of a public-private partnership benefitting all partners. The Star in Frisco and surrounding developments will provide our students, families and fans with a performance and entertainment experience unlike any other in Texas or the nation.”

The installation of twelve trusses over the 557,881 sq. ft. event center began July 20. Each truss spans approximately 400 feet and weighs 1,250 tons. Seven cranes remain onsite, down from nine staged earlier in construction.

In May, construction crews began installing the event center’s exterior skin – or envelope – in construction terms. The event center’s concrete structure was completed in June and risers for the 12,000 seats were finished earlier this month. Street paving surrounding the development is expected to finish the end of August.

“The synergy surrounding this project is incredible,” said Mayor Maher Maso. “Since announcing our public-private partnership, development around this project has evolved into, what we’re calling, Frisco’s ‘$5 Billion Mile’. The multi-use events center itself will be an unbelievable venue that will host many public events and creating unbelievable opportunities for our students, athletically and academically. The spin off from this project is also impacting the development surrounding the events center with such additional development translating into more tourism and job creation. It all adds up to greater quality of life for our residents, businesses and visitors. We have no doubt, the best is yet to come.”

Other construction milestones related to the MUEC include:

  • 65,278 cubic yards of concrete installed to date; 94,257 installed at completion*. (*includes the ‘Headquarters’ and commercial plaza development)
  •  1,012 (foundation) piers installed
  • 575+ people working onsite

Spanning 435,000 sq. ft., the Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters has grown from a two- building, four-story structure to a single, six-story building centered around a floor to ceiling atrium. The commercial (retail oriented) development being built on the west side of the Plaza has also grown from two to three stories, complete with a pool on top to service a fitness center.

“We’re thrilled with the progress of the project so far,” said Cowboys Chief Operating Officer Stephen Jones. “The trusses and the concrete represent the strength of our partnership with the City of Frisco and the FISD. This facility is going to bring together high school students and the Dallas Cowboys in a way that has never been done before, and this development will benefit this community, on so many levels, for decades to come.”

In addition to becoming the home to the NFL team’s entire football operation, including administrative offices, coaches’ offices and the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, the complex includes the MUEC and two outdoor fields that will provide facilities for use by the Cowboys, City of Frisco, and Frisco ISD for athletic, academic, fine arts and entertainment events.

The MUEC is being built on approximately 20 acres; the Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters has a footprint of approximately five acres. Both projects anchor a 91 acre mixed use development underway at the northwest corner of Warren Parkway and the Dallas North Tollway. The mixed use development will feature a hotel, as well as office buildings, lifestyle, retail and restaurant space. Dallas based Lincoln Property Company is handling project leasing. Gensler is the architect for both the Cowboys World Headquarters and the adjoining multi-use event center. O’Brien Architects is designing the master plan for the mixed-use development surrounding the team headquarters and the multi-use event center.

  • News Release – Frisco, TX – July 25, 2015