Delaney Miller – Frisco’s Rock Champion!

Frisco’s rock climbing super-star, Delaney Miller has shot through the ranks of Sport Climbing. Starting out at Frisco Centennial High School on the track and cross country teams, she also pursued her passion, climbing. A quick learner, she was ranked as the third best climber in the country after only six months of practicing the sport. Now, at only 20 years old, she is consistently in the top three women competitors in the country, often taking first place.

Now aDelaneyFilm14 (1)ttending college at Colorado State University studying Health and Exercise Science, she still attends climbing contests internationally. She also represents the United States on the US Climbing team. Originally a gym climber, she now competes both indoors and out.

Using a slow deliberate style, she has been described as a “skinny sloth”. Moving very slowly and carefully, she manages to conquer very difficult courses.

Catching the eye of television producers, her story is now being told. EpicTV, the online action and adventure sports media group, has just launched the first episode in a brand new series, Hometown Crusher. This first episode profiles young Delaney, bringing her home to Frisco and showing her roots. Her parents, teachers and friends are also featured in the video.


Video about Delaney –

Although she is studying in college, climbing is more than a hobby for Delaney; it is a passion. “Climbing has changed my life; it has become a part of me. It is the most literal translation of how I live my life; always looking up and pursuing something higher. The sport has taught me how to have a positive attitude, how to be dedicated and committed to everything I do, and how to never stop striving to achieve something better. In this way, its not just a sport; its a lifestyle.”

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Photos courtesy EpicTV