Fall Fashion – Modern with a Twist of 1970’s Flash

It may not be exactly crispy sweater weather yet in North Texas but September is the perfect month to do a little planning for a fall wardrobe update. Even if you just move all summer items to the back of your closet or swap out closets altogether, it’s a good time to shop and check out what fashion trends will be “hot” in the cooler weather. Best of all, adding a few “on-trend” pieces can be done on any budget.

Women’s Fashion

In fashion, as well as shoes and accessories, what’s old is always new again. This season, fringe on skirts and jackets as well as handbags is making a fall appearance–a throwback to the mid-1970’s. If fringe isn’t really your taste,
perhaps try it in small doses. Blue Door BootiesJust a little fringe on a new handbag or a boot makes a trendy statement with just a tad of flash.   Speaking of boots, the “midi-boot” is back!   Also called a short boot or bootie, it’s a mid-calf boot that creates a fun look with leggings and a pleated skirt.   As a bonus for shorter women, “midi-boots” also give the illusion of longer legs.


Whatever trends are popular with clothing also spills over into makeup and accessory looks.   For lips this fall it’s a dark red-almost burgundy-that will be the go-to color. Nail polish colors are a mix of so