Frisco Board applications deadline approaches.

From Frisco, TX Facebook Page

Want to serve the community? Want to be involved in the decisions that shape our community? Then one of the many City of Frisco Boards or Commissions could use your talent.

From the Frisco website “Applicants must have lived in the City of Frisco for at least one year prior to applying and must be a qualified, registered voter. Term dates begin October 1, 2015, and regular attendance is expected. All terms are for two years unless indicated otherwise.”

Terms are usually two years, and limits are usually six years so there is turnover almost every appointment cycle. Some appointees do not reapply for a variety of reasons. Additionally, since appointees serve at the pleasure of the Council, no incumbent position is guaranteed.

If interested, you might want to talk with a present Board or Commission member or a City Council member. Further information and applications can be found on the City of Frisco website at:

PS: “The deadline for filing is July 31, 2015 at 5 p.m.  Late applications will not be accepted.”

The Frisco EDC (Economic Development Corporation) exists to encourage jobs and business development by attracting businesses to Frisco from other states and even other countries. They are funded by a 1/2 cent sales tax in Frisco, which generates about $18 million dollars in revenue. They have been instrumental in bringing many of the big name companies you see in Frisco, and many of the small name companies that maintain a vibrant employment scene in the city. The Board is appointed by Council and oversees the activ