Frisco CAN and You CAN Too

Saturday’s forecast is ‘Sunny’, so why not enjoy a block party? Frisco CAN and you CAN, too on May 2.

‘Frisco Community Awareness Night (CAN)’ is the city’s version of National Night Out.  Launched three years ago, Frisco CAN provides  the opportunity to meet your neighbors and make your community a little safer.

Register your block party by clicking here and you may be visited by Frisco police officers, firefighters or even city leaders, including Mayor Maher Maso and other members of the Frisco City Council. You CAN read more about this citywide event by click here.

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Jason Vaughn

Jason Vaughn is a profession balloon artist and entertainer and runs a weekly podcast on Texas. He is also a public speaker promoting entrepreneurship to youth and creative thinking to corporations and clubs,