Frisco Election Results

From Frisco, TX Facebook Page

Yesterday was election day for many municipalities across the state of Texas including in Texas.

In Frisco there were two city council member and two ISD board of trustees up for election and  eight city bond propositions.

In City Council Place 1 Bob Allen kept his seat with 3459 votes beating out Janet Evans Webb who receive 1076 votes. A total of 4535 votes were cast.

Will Sowell ran unopposed for City Council Place 3 and received 3688 votes.

Chad Rudy took Frisco ISD Place 3 in a three way race with 46.8 percent of the vote.

John Hoxie won Frisco ISD Place 7 with 58.4% of the vote.

All eight bond propositions passed including Proposition 8 which allowed for a $10 million bond for an Arts and Performance Center.

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Jason Vaughn

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