Frisco Firefighters Deliver Baby In Family’s Bathroom

When it comes to babies things don’t always go as planned. Sometimes that even means when… or where they decide to be born.

Today was supposed to be Emma Katherine’s birthday, but much to the surprise of her parents, Houdini and Jesslyn Abtahis, she wanted to come out a bit earlier.

On January 29th Jesslyn’s friends had decided to throw her a birthday party. While at the party she began to feel contractions but wasn’t concerned as her first child had taken 14 hours of labor.

Around ten┬áthat night though Jesslyn knew it was time. Emma Katherine was in a hurry to see the world and it wasn’t long before Jesslyn’s water broke and getting to the hospital in time was out of the question.

Around 10:30 Houdini was on the phone with 911 when he said he could already see his daughter’s head. It was only six minutes later that firefighters from Frisco’s Station 3 were in the bathroom assisting Jesslyn with the birth of her daughter.

At 10:42 p.m. Emma Katherine made her way into the world in the family bathroom thanks to the help of the Frisco Fire Department.

A week later the family had a chance to say thank you to the five firefighters that helped them in their hour of need and joy.

For all five firefighters it was their first time delivering a baby.

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Jason Vaughn

Jason Vaughn is a profession balloon artist and entertainer and runs a weekly podcast on Texas. He is also a public speaker promoting entrepreneurship to youth and creative thinking to corporations and clubs,