Frisco ISD Students Perform at African American Male Academic Bowl

Frisco Schools

MUniversity of Texas at Dallas hosted the sixth African American Male Academic Bowl (AAMAB) on January 31st. Frisco ISD was represented by teams from Cobb, Roach and Scoggins middle schools.

Thirty-six teams from DFW and Austin competed in the tournament. African American male youth from 4th through 8th grades answered questions in math, sciences, art and history.

Two Frisco teams, the Gold Team from Roach and the Team One from Cobb both advanced to the semifinals.

This was the second year Frisco students competed and administrators hope to encourage more to participate next year.

This year’s competing FISD students included:

Cobb Middle School

Team One

KJ Greer
Cameron Miller
Jared Sanders

Team Two

Drew Murray
Benjamin Washington
Jayden Benjamin

Team Three

Jeremy Kennard
T.J. Smith
Antonio Robinson

Roach Middle School

Gold Team

Glen Mbaku
Christian Sandy
Trey Taylor

Blue Team

Ian Ayuk
Lorenzo Chambers
CJ Thomas

Scoggins Middle School

Sixth Grade

Caden Bedford-Crandell
Josiah Hartman
Cedron Webb
Kendall Williams
Tim Howard
Dylan Woods

Seventh Grade

Robert Valentine
Javan Bouton
Montrell Hayes
Derreck Smith
Justus McCowan
Jayden Anthony

Eighth Grade

KJ Parker
Elijah Henderson
Ethan Colbert
Jayden Gray
Mason Lewis
Christian Harper

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