Frisco Mayor Says Oppostion to Prop 8 was Right there is no Plan

On May 9th, approximately 2,500 Frisco residents voted in city council, school board, and bonds equaling $267.8 million. While all bonds overwhelmingly passed one did garner a campaign to defeat it.

Proposition 8, a $10 million bond for Arts & Performance Center, passed 1,501 to 1,024. The most vocal group against Prop 8 seemed to be the Citizen Input PAC who created a “Where’s the Beef?” parody ad attacking the bond.  In the ad the an elderly woman mimics the classic Wendy’s by asking “Where’s the Plan?”

While the ad was ineffective in stopping the bond from passing according to to Frisco Mayor Maso the opposition was right. At his monthly Coffee with the Mayor meeting he told residents, “The people opposed to it were right. We have no plan.”

He added that while they didn’t have a plan the city did have a need.

“Not having a plan is not a bad thing. We’ll make something good happen,” Maso added.

The goal is to have the bond projects complete in the next five to ten years.

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Jason Vaughn

Jason Vaughn is a profession balloon artist and entertainer and runs a weekly podcast on Texas. He is also a public speaker promoting entrepreneurship to youth and creative thinking to corporations and clubs,