Frisco Senator Jane Nelson’s Capitol Digest

Senator Jane Nelson serves SD 12 in Denton County including Frisco. In order to keep the citizens of Frisco informed we publish the information from Representatives and Senators in it’s entirety. It should not be viewed as an endorsement. We do our best to leave it in the format of their newsletter.


Conference Committee On HB 1 Meets
The Conference Committee on HB 1, the state appropriations bill, met for the first time this week to begin working out differences between the Senate and House versions of the state budget.  Senator Nelson, Senate sponsor of HB 1, said she was looking forward to working with the House. “It is very clear to me our big picture goals are the same,” said Senator Nelson. “We both prioritize transportation and border security. We both provide significant tax relief and we both want to support our schools. These budgets have much more in common than they do in conflict and I am confident we can work out the difference and pass a budget that will make Texas proud.” To watch the full meeting, please click here.

Senator Nelson Passes Bills on Local Calendar
This Thursday, Senator Nelson passed three bills on the Senate’s Local and Uncontested Calendar and sent them to the House for further consideration. The bills include SB 53, which would require state agencies to undergo a zero-based budget review on a rotat