GENBAND Volunteers Give Day of Service To Fowler and Riddle

GENBAND Day brought company volunteers who live near Fowler Middle School and Riddle Elementary School to each campus, where they each made a difference for students and educators.

June 1 is GENBAND Day, a global service day for the entire company. This marks the fifth year of GENBAND Day.

“We are so happy to have friends, parents and community members from GENBAND giving back in Frisco ISD,” said Audie Adkins, community outreach liaison. “They have helped us at other schools in the past and it is a great partnership that exposes our students to volunteerism and also allows GENBAND employees to have a hands-on experience with our schools.”

The assignment at Fowler Middle School had volunteers working to help sixth graders clean out lockers and determine what was trash and what could be recycled.

The volunteers included Jessica Yin, who has a student at Fowler; Pamela Edwards; Sharita Heard; and Chris Barry, whose daughter was a student of several educators now working at Fowler. The Fowler staff was very happy to have the GENBAND volunteers on site.

Fowler Assistant Principal Cathy Leonard did warn the volunteers that they might find some scary lockers. A few years back a student came to her to report a truly unpleasant odor coming from a nearby locker. It seems a middle school boy didn’t like what his mom packed for his lunch and took to dumping the contents in his locker to rot. After opening the locker and catching her breath, Leonard called for custodial staff, and told them “bring gloves and a plastic trash bag.”

Luckily, this year’s sixth graders were not guilty of such smelly locker incidents. The volunteers reported they were impressed with the wall paper and miniature carpets found in many of the girls’ lockers, particularly the one with a tiny battery-operated chandelier.

Counselor Andrea Williams also made sure the volunteers saw the homemade cookies in the teacher workroom, a tasty thank you for their hard work.

GENBAND’s volunteers at Riddle Elementary were very busy with outdoor activities. They spent their service day painting a decorative number grid in the front common area and assembling a storage building in the back of the school. The volunteers were from varying backgrounds and departments at GENBAND but all had a heart for service. The volunteers include GENBAND employee Shuo Lu, a Riddle parent, three summer interns – college students representing Texas A&M, the University of Texas at Dallas and Ohio State University, and several others.

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