Hamburgers ! Hamburgers !

There are so many choices for eating out in Frisco. One food that is very well represented in our city is the hamburger. Some of the best places to get a burger in Texas are right here in Frisco!

A local favorite is Kenny’s Burgers, (website) located on Legacy near Highway 121 (map). At Kenny’s, you have many choices including the Zed, the Royale with Cheese, or the Black and Blue. Or if you think nothing could top a perfect burger, try out one of Kenny’s Adult Milkshakes – or the Maker’s Mark root beer float! A cozy bar is great for meeting friends or having a quiet moment, and the dining room is perfect for families.

Located in Frisco Square, across the street from Toyota Stadium, is Jake’s Uptown Burgers. (website)  (map) Well known for their poppyseed buns, Jake’s never fails to please. When ordering, don’t forget that all of their burgers come “standard” with two patties. This lets them get more flavor and sauce on your burger making a tasty meal. At least four napkins are required. Too much burger? Try their flaming rooster, a chicken breast sandwich with pico-de-gallo. Nothing else like it!

A local family favorite, Scotty P’s Hamburgers (website) can be found on Eldorado near the DNT (map), or on Preston near Tom Thumb (map). Although this is a counter service restaurant, its very high popularity and excellent burgers, requires that we include it on this list. Bored with ‘plain’ burgers? Ask them for their “Off the Menu” Menu, and try an Irish Nacho burger or one of several other secret concoctions.

Frisco Gun Club, (website) (map) I know, you are saying seriously? Yes, seriously. You don’t have to be a member to eat at the cafe in the front of the building. If you can resist the other sumptuous choices, and get their ‘Sirloin Burger’ with white cheddar, applewood bacon and traditional garnish, you will be very glad you did. This is… one ..mean…burger! It hits the bullseye.

Scotty P's



It probably comes as no surprise that located between Hart Yoga and Modern Luxe in the Kroger shopping center, the Frisco Bar (website), a local hangout (map), has one of the best burgers anywhere. A steady clientele keeps this place hopping, and their food is anything but bar food. The burgers are wonderful, and sweet potato fries help you stay on the anti-oxidant pathway.

Tailgaters, a rowdy sports bar, (website) located first floor of an apartment building at the corner of Warren and Parkwood (map), may have more beers than anyone else in town, but they have even more televisions than beers. While having that beer, you have to have their hamburger, way better than the usual bar fare.

What are your favorite burger joints?