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Move over Silicone and Saline, there is a new type of breast implant that holds and retains it’s shape without sacrificing a natural look and feel. Sientra offers the first FDA-approved shaped breast implant. These implants come in different shapes and are made from a high-strength cohesive silicone gel. Dubbed as the ‘Gummy Bear’ breast implant because of the consistency, these form stable implants are sweeping the nation and fast becoming a favorite among both women and surgeons.

Not all plastic surgeons have the qualifications to offer Sientra breast implants. According to their website their implants are only available through board- certified (or board-eligible) plastic surgeons. I know what you are thinking but no, not all plastic surgeons have to be board-certified to practice in their field. Sientra goes the extra mile when it comes to their product in making sure only qualified surgeons use their products.

A nearby Dallas plastic surgeon, Dr. Charles Wallace that specializes in a “no scar on the breast” augmentation proudly states on his website that, “The Sientra implants are only distributed to board-certified ASPS plastic surgeons, so the Sientra brand is your surgeon’s badge of authenticity” Dr. Wallace has been practicing in his field for 25 years and he enjoys offering the “Gummy Bear” implants. Because they have several different options to choose from he can create a more natural look for his patients . Not all bodies are created the same so it should make sense that breast implants should come in different shapes.

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