Oldest Kindle User?

For over a decade the Kindle has made book reading and electronic programs accessible to children and adults alike. Frisco may have the oldest Kindle user, a kind lady of 93 years who has seen the world change from horse-and-buggy to radio, telephone, automobiles, air travel and now wireless communication.


Yvonne, a Frisco resident who recently celebrated her 93rd birthday, grew up in rural Oklahoma during the Depression. In those days she devoted herself to hard work and her school work. She had very little time to read books for relaxation. In her younger adult years, she moved to Amarillo and began work in a radio station.  In her childhood she had seen the introduction of cars and the crank telephone. In Amarillo she witnessed the power of radio. She watched as her husband went to war in Europe, far away, during World War II. She had children and ultimately spent her time caring for her family. Then as a widow, children grown and with plenty of time to relax, Yvonne has developed an interest in paperback novels. For the last twenty five years she has been an avid reader, and has interests in historical books as well as romantic novels. With such an appetite for novels, she has been a regular customer of used book stores, shopping for books about once a month.

Kindle3Recently, noticing that her grand-daughter and great-grandchildren were using tablets to read books and play games, she became inquisitive. She asked her grand-daughter Dana to explain how the Kindle works. Dana dusted off an older Kindle Fire that her children no longer used and loaded it with some novels. After a little coaching, Yvonne quickly picked up the screen touches, and is now a dedicated Kindle user. She also got a Frisco Library card, and subscribes to the digital library. So now, Yvonne gets her books for free from the library; with Dana’s help, she keeps an eye out for books by Sandra Brown, Greg Iles and Lee Childs. She also tries out other authors such as O’Reilly’s series on historical figures. Amazingly, she may read two or three books at a time, and can discuss many of the books she has read. She is able to remember the plots and characters of books she read months ago. With plenty of time on her hands she finishes a book every week or two, then has Dana load another to the Kindle.


Because of arthritis, the tablet reader was hard for Yvonne to hold so Dana re-attached the protective foam children’s case, making it much easier for Yvonne to hold it.

Although still a little mystified about the downloading process that occurs wirelessly, Yvonne calls Dana to select and download new books for her from the Frisco City Library. From her own home, Dana checks out the books for Yvonne, and somehow they appear on her Kindle the next time she turns it on. Yvonne may not fully understand how it all works, but at 93 yrs young she still makes the most of it!