Parents Object to New High School Name: Lebanon High

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The name of a new Frisco high school expected to open in 2016 has some parents so upset that it is make national news. Late last week the Washington Post ran an article about the controversy.

According to some parents the name makes them think of the country of Lebanon in the Middle East that has been in the news in years past for it’s conflict with Israel.

“The present-tense name of a country that was in the news all the time with reference of war and battleground was always what was on my mind when I would say the name ‘Lebanon,’ ” parent Liffey Skender told the Frisco school board last month, according to the Dallas Morning News. “The word ‘Lebanon’ still reminds me of all the sad and turmoil that goes on in the Middle East.”

She said she’s received two dozen phone calls and more than 100 e-mails from concerned parents who object to the proposed name: Lebanon High School. She urged the board to instead consider calling the school something like “Freedom High School.”

According to the Frisco School Board the name “Lebanon” is actually to represent the town that existed in the area 50 years before the city of Frisco. From the Frisco ISD website: “It grew as settlers moved to Texas looking for land and opportunity, but was abandoned by many residents after the railroad was established further north. Still others stayed in the area and sent their children to Lebanon School until it closed in 1947, at which time they became Frisco ISD students.”

The town of Lebanon, TX was named by settlers from Lebanon, TN which was named for the biblical cedars of Lebanon as that town was full of cedars.

The school district released a statement showing they believed the name showed respect to the cities roots. “It stands as an acknowledgement to those who once lived and farmed in this community and who have contributed greatly to the Frisco and Frisco ISD of today.”

Parents will have more opportunity to express their opinions at the school board meeting scheduled February 9th.

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