Shawnee Hosts Surprise Make-A-Wish Reveal

Staff and students at Shawnee Trail Elementary decorated posters and wore Caribbean-themed clothes and leis, as they helped surprise a third grader on the last day of school who has been battling a rare disease.

Nine-year-old Esteben Porras first began complaining of back pain a year ago. His family soon discovered he suffered from a disorder known as Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH) and that it had caused tumors to develop on his hip and spine.

Esteben went through 12 weeks of chemotherapy treatment and is now cancer-free, but he continues to suffer from chronic and severe back pain.

“He is always in pain, but the more we can keep him active, the less he focuses on the pain,” said his mom, Amanda Porras. “It is a struggle but he is feeling stronger every day.”

Now Esteben and his family have something exciting to look forward to. They will travel to the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas later this summer thanks to Make-A-Wish® North Texas.

Esteben’s wish granters made a guest appearance at Good Morning Shawnee Trail on June 5 to announce to the whole student body that Esteben’s wish had been granted.

“When you get the chance to involve the school and those who have seen how the illness has impacted the family, it just makes it that much more special,” said Dennis Baird, a volunteer with Make-A-Wish North Texas. “Just bringing that joy and giving them the hope and strength to continue with the fight.”

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Jason Vaughn

Jason Vaughn is a profession balloon artist and entertainer and runs a weekly podcast on Texas. He is also a public speaker promoting entrepreneurship to youth and creative thinking to corporations and clubs,